Ense A Cappella Competition
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A CAPPELLA Competition

This winter, dozens of world-class a cappella choirs will compete in the world’s first completely virtual a cappella competition! The competition will be held in two rounds — the winner of the first round will automatically be entered into the second round as a finalist. The overall winner will perform at our official launch at the Apollo Theatre in 2019.



To compete:

  • To register your group, send an email augie@ense.nyc.

  • Every member of each group must download and activate his/her own Ense account

  • Each group must make its own Ense account

  • Each group must record and post a single song with the hashtag #Acappella from the group’s account. The caption should contain said hashtag, the song title, and you should tag the members of your group!

  • Each song must be AT MOST 5 minutes long

Judging Criteria:

  • creativity / originality

  • in-tune harmonies

  • harmonic variety / complexity

  • rhythm and groove

  • balance & unity

  • overall talent


  • The submissions will be judged by Marlon Saunders, Randy Lee, Emily Duncan, Augie Schultz and Celeste Makoff

  • Judgement will be made based solely on the submitted Ense

  • The winning group will perform at the official Ense launch party at the Apollo Theatre in Spring of 2019

Download Ense Here