Ense A Cappella Competition
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You talk, we listen.



Ense how you’re feeling and hashtag #vent to let it all out. We will respond.

Need some support? WE got yoU…

It feels good to talk it out. Sometimes it’s nice to hear someone’s voice and right now the Ense community is here to help you. If you ense your story, someone who cares will reach back out. Just hashtag #vent . We are not certified therapists or psychologists — we are just a community of friends here to listen. If you are in crisis please call this number 1 (800) 273-8255 or text “ANSWER” to 839863.

  • Your account can be anonymous.

  • You don’t have to use a real name.

  • We are LGBTQIA friendly.

  • You can say / scream / sing whatever you want, no matter what it is. Let it all out.

  • If you want to talk to someone privately, you can reach out to one of our listeners by tagging: @augie , @celeste or @rebelflute.

How to reach us:

  1. Download Ense for free on iPhone or Android.

  2. Sign up & record your story.

  3. Tag one of our listeners (@celeste, @augie, or @rebelflute) or hashtag #vent if you want to share your story and hear from our community of friends.

  4. Post. We’ll get a notification and ense you back.

We are here to help.